Introduction to the new Kitchen Cabinet bundle

Introduction to the new Kitchen Cabinet bundle

The All New Kitchen Bundle.

With the update of BTO bundle, We never stop to provide the service to you. 

With this All New Kitchen Bundle in the Collections you be you be expecting detail that make it easier than ever to make decision. Collection@99 Kitchen bundle helps you to understand the basic needs of a kitchen cabinet need to the finest you could ever have.

We begin with


With KITCHEN CABINET LITE, We want you to know how a kitchen cabinet can be even without the common way of doing, expect the most slick and stylish design beyond expectations.

One is always never enough


Making decision isn't easy, We feel you. And we make that effort to select the best kitchen accessories for you with Quality Hob, Hood, Kitchen Sink and even the Kitchen Tap. We even added a 20A electrical just in case you would like to switch off the hood after use. this is the KITCHEN CABINE.

In 99% we never stop thinking and care how you feel. We have something more for the the Kitchen lovers


The Kitchen Cabinet PLUS isn't for just kitchen lovers, they're for user whom which to have the base providing what we have on the KC(Kitchen Cabinet) we added the cement base just so to suit your styling.

Seeking the best is all you need ?


With the MAX, we will place all doors and drawers with BLUM system and a classy finishes backing using tempered glass, easing you trouble to clean after every meal preparation.





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