New Collection Awaiting

New Collection Awaiting

99% today introduced a new version of Collections bundle for BTO 

with details that make it easier than ever to make decision. Collection@99 BTO helps you and homeowners understand the detailed of each and every Collection@99 BTO bundle allows you to have a choice that no other bundle or package you have seen. With Collection@99BTO bundle there's is no worry on missing essential job scope. In 99% we want you to feel home even before our specialist reached you. 


With BTO LITE, Homeowners will expect the most essential needs a newly home could possible have. With the most essential needs for any home , the Kitchen Cabinet, Surface Top, Painting, Electrical and plumbing. All of that in one value bundle.

If you wish to get something even better yet simple for you newly home, let move on to 


In BTO, a slight upgrade for you such as Masonry Works, a longer Kitchen Cabinet and Surface Top. With this minor improvement we believe BTO is the best bundle for everyone.

We have something even better coming next,


Are you looking for something premium? Hassle-free, top-notch system, BTO PLUS is for you.

In BTO PLUS you will be expecting well known branding for cooker hob and hood, stainless kitchen sink and tap, BLUM system for your Kitchen Cabinet. You will also expecting seamless user experience such as a Switch unit to control you device.

Now, if you are looking for the best for any newly home could ever have, Introduce to you our


In BTO MAX you'll be able to find what could a basic newly home could ever have. With everything from Our BTO LITE,BTO and BTO PLUS now we added a stylish Kitchen cabinet Backing, and providing the most essential need for any bedrooms. The Wardrobe, BTO MAX provides you with the best a newly come could ever have. 



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